Seminar announcement: How software development shaped the way I write science (Netherlands eScience Center)

Posted on Mon 19 August 2019 in Blog

How software development shaped the way I write science, 20 August 2019, Netherlands eScience Center. Amsterdam

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Preprint: Climbing Escher's ladder

Posted on Fri 19 April 2019 in Blog

Announcement of the preprint of my second paper

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Python or R? Why not both?

Posted on Fri 22 March 2019 in Blog

How to use Python code inside R

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Animations in R

Posted on Sun 02 December 2018 in Blog

How to make animations in R using ggplot2 and gganimate

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The spectrum of my personal accountancy

Posted on Wed 28 November 2018 in Blog

Application of Fourier analysis to a personal accountancy timeseries

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Interactive applet: daylight saving time in Spain

Posted on Mon 03 September 2018 in Blog

A visualization applet

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Seminar announcement: An example of reproducible research (University College Cork)

Posted on Tue 21 August 2018 in Blog

An example of reproducible research, 29 August 2018, University College Cork

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Preprint: Neutral competition boosts chaos in food webs

Posted on Thu 19 July 2018 in Blog

Announcement of the preprint of my first paper

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Seminar announcement: Competition, diversity and the benefits of chaos (Imperial College London)

Posted on Wed 04 July 2018 in Blog

Invasive species: a mathematician among biologists, 12 July 2018, Imperial College London

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Things I've learned working in a multidisciplinary group

Posted on Tue 12 June 2018 in Blog

I work as a mathematician in an... aquatic ecology department!

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