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I have 2 preprint(s) waiting to be published:

Date NameURL Role
2019-03-14 Climbing Escher's stairs Author
2018-07-19 Neutral competition boosts chaos in food webs Author


I've been coauthor in 1 paper:

Date NameURL Author Publisher
2019-04-22 Horizontal and vertical diversity jointly shape food web stability against small and large perturbations Qinghua Zhao et al. Ecology Letters


I've been involved in the redaction of 1 book:

Date Name Role Institution
2018-10-01 Tipping points, zo werken ze! Chapter author Netherlands Earths System Science Centre

Scientific code

I made available 8 of my small projects about scientific software:

Date NameURL Role Language
2019-03-12 R package: rolldown Author R
2018-09-02 cambio-de-hora Author R
2018-07-19 Chaos and neutrality Author Matlab
2018-03-01 Lattice dynamics Author Matlab
2018-02-28 Elevator tool Author Python
2017-06-30 Print Voronoi Author Matlab
2016-05-12 Encrypt with chaos Author Matlab
2016-05-12 Hear chaos Author Matlab

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