Scientific programming

Pendulum Dyntools
Python package for mechanical simulation of non-inertial simple and double pendula. Python package for analysis and visualization of dynamical systems. It is still work in progress.
pendulum attractor
Rolldown Elevator tool
R package for computing potentials and pseudopotentials as described in my paper Climbing Escher's ladder Jupyter Notebook showing how much can be done using the smartphone accelerometer inside a skyscrapper's elevator
rolldown elevator
Daylight charts Sleep models
Shiny app showing the seasonal sunlight distribution in different Spanish locations, with and without daylight saving time R package simulating classical mechanistic models of sleep dynamics
time sleep

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PhD thesis


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Since 2013, I give at least one popular science talk per year in a theater. Below I show those talks with English subtitles. For a full list, click here.

How to piss-off a mathematician Random stuff about random numbers
Naukas Bilbao 2017 Naukas Bilbao 2015
piss rand


Since 2011 I write for Naukas.com, the largest science communication web-magazine in Spanish language. My blog, Fuga de cerebros (Brain drain), focuses in physics, mathematics, computational science, and the experience of emigrated scientists. For a full list of my texts (some of them in English), click here.


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